Hi, I'm Robyn!

I believe that anyone can achieve their goals with the right support and guidance.


My coaching training and experience comes from my role as a Management Consultant for a Big Four Professional Services company. I have delivered coaching to clients around the globe in leadership, motivation, and helping them achieve their career goals since 2015. With my Lean Competency System Level 2a certification, I am also experienced in Lean techniques that help drive performance within teams.

My career has allowed me to work with a vast variety of clients across the globe including the UK, India, Hungary, and Germany. I have provided 1:1 leadership coaching to professionals and individuals from all sorts of backgrounds, from Higher Apprentices starting their career, through to Assistant Directors of multi-national contact centres. 

An ambitious and high achieving professional, my first career hurdle occured when I found myself no longer enjoying my role training to be an Actuary. I struggled with the thought of giving up my training, and believed that if I did, I would be a "failure". Eventually, I decided to change careers to become a Management Consultant, as I realised it was more important to be happy than to struggle through a job doing something I wasn't enjoying. In fact, what I deemed as a "failure" was nothing but a personal mental barrier. Once I realised it was ok to make a change and do something I enjoyed rather than something for the "prestige", becoming a consultant was one of the best decisions I have ever made! 

Over the years I have also faced challenges with finding a work-life balance, and how to continue motivating my team when I myself am managing stress. Through having a career coach and therapy myself, I have experienced first hand the power of talking, support, and setting achievable goals. I now recognise my own behaviours and have managed to achieve a good balance and direction in my career. 

I'm passionate about helping others and want to use both my professional and personal experience to support others in achieving their goals too, and overcome the mental and professional challenges that get in the way!

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